Chris Cancelli photo

Chris rebuilding a 1985 Porsche Carrera 911 engine.

At MotoCancelli, precision engine building fuels our pride and passion. We provide show-quality detail for the special interest, collector and race car enthusiast. We’re always breaking new ground in developing cutting edge products for classic European sports cars and vintage motorcycles, helping our customers get maximum enjoyment from their vehicles.

As a young  So. Cal. motorcycle enthusiast Chris Cancelli raced Motocross from middle school until graduating high school in 1973 respectfully earning the #5 plate. Repairing and tuning his own bikes became an obsession with Chris as he went from dirt racing after graduating high school to pavement which ultimately brought him to where he is today. Building engines and tuning chassis from the late 60’s with dirt bikes to the 70’s and 80’s with large displacement 4 cylinder Japanese street bikes aka, “Superbikes”. His talent and developing skills resulted in wins for customers in AMA, AFM and WERA sanctions.

By the late 80’s, Chris had invested his talents into British and Italian cars and ultimately entering the exotic car scene repairing and modifying Italy’s best for many of the celebrities in Los Angeles. He had also worked for the higher end shops like Claudio’s, Bill Rudd Motors and Targa Florio in the San Fernando Valley where he grew up. Chris had also earned factory certifications in MG, Triumph, Jaguar, BMW, Mitsubishi and Maserati.

For the past 20 years Chris had been developing performance products for various European classic cars on an individual basis as well as small production run levels. Many of his products are breakthrough developments making the old British cars especially Triumph (his favorite) more safe to drive and helping vintage racers win races and championships world wide.

building triumph spitfire racecarChris is also known for his hand built racing exhaust systems for both cars and motorcycles. His extensive experience with both cars and bikes progressed into what he phrases as “cross tuning”.  He brought the advanced motorcycle technology to the vintage car world. As a professor of carburetors Chris had pioneered the adaptation of motorcycle racing carburetors to vintage cars in 1984. He was the first to sell a complete “bolt-on” carb kit to the public in 2000 with the birth of MotoCancelli. Another of his “cross tuning” traits is the use of small stem diameter valves in the cylinder heads of vintage cars and bikes. He has a kit for Triumph cars but has converted many classic cylinder heads of both cars and motorcycles with this technology resulting in huge gains in port flow readings for single intake and exhaust valve heads. That’s obsession!