Engine Building

We take great pride in building quality engines. It remains our passion from our based Stage 1 rebuilds to our winning Pro-Series race engine, we have built our reputation on precision workmanship, Pride in Performance aAlfa Romeo Enginend attention to detail.

MotoCancelli prides itself on engine building turning out some of the most beautiful and most powerful naturally aspirated engines in the industry. We specialize in the building of British and Italian car engines late model or vintage.

Our engines have won countless shows, races and championships worldwide. We have been building engines for daily drivers, collector cars, vintage racers and Superbikes for over 35 years. Very few engine builders worldwide can claim victories in both the automotive and motorcycle industries placing a serious feather in our cap!

We know engines to the point of developing a new improved part without the need for R&D, if required. In fact, we design small stem diameter valve trains for just about any engine and have been offering this application in kit form to the public for over 10 years now for some models.

We build just long block engines in any way shape or form including full custom builds for whatever your intended use may be: carbureted, fuel injected, turbo app. or blowers. We custom design rods, pistons, liners, guides, pushrods and valve springs. We are also an Electromotive dealer and can help with your FI and ignition needs for the above mentioned as well.

We also offer cylinder head service separate from engine building. Whether you need your stock head reconditioned or our special small valve stem diameter valves installed, we do it all from blue print to extreme race preparation including porting.

We offer door to door service for your convenience. Just crate your engine and give us a call, a truck will be there the next day, home or shop. We also pick up and deliver worldwide. Contact us for international pick up and deliveries.

ITALIAN CARS: Alfa Romeo – Ferrari – Fiat – Lamborghini – Lancia – Maserati
BRITISH CARS: Austin Healey – Aston Martin – Cooper – Jaguar – Jensen –  Lotus – MG – Triumph