GT6 High Performance Front Brake Upgrade

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The biggest problem that brakes face is heat; it causes fading and warping. Under severe conditions, it can create enough heat to boil the fluid in the calipers causing failure all together. These up grades drastically reduce all of the above, plus give you a more firm peddle feel.

We start by cross drilling a stock set of new rotors. There are many benefits to be gained from this. Reduced unsprung weight, cooler running, and the holes help vent off the gases the pads emit as they heat up, improving the pads contact area, and friction applied.

GT6 High Performance Front Brake UpgradeEBC pads are very popular with the racers here in the USA, from autocross to SCCA. They offer excellent stopping power, with great feel and predictability, and they do not need to operate at high temperatures to be effective like other racing type brake pads. These braided stainless steel brake hoses will give you a firm, positive peddle feel, and are impervious to internal swelling and exterior cracking, a problem with OE rubber brake hoses.

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BKS-110: Front Brake Upgrade – Triumph GT6 = $313.50