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Classic Racecrafter

Perhaps the most famous vintage racer of the 1970’s Superbike era, the Racecrafters sponsored Kawasaki KZ1000 ridden by Reg Pridmore.

Are you a fan of classic motorcycles? We specialize in building classic racers. Restore to original or build to suit. MotoCancelli can work with you to design and build the bike you’ve always been looking for.

MotoCancelli’s roots run deep in vintage racing motorcycles.  In fact, many of our best-selling performance products for exotic automobiles were inspired by innovations first found on racing bikes.  Since the 1970’s, we’ve been developing our expertise on Japanese 4 cylinder bikes, recording wins in AMA Superbike, AFM Superbike, and WERA endurance racing.

Do you have a particular bike in mind that you’d like to own?  We’ve built replicas like this one of a number of vintage racing motorcycles.  MotoCancelli can work with you to design and build the bike you’ve always been looking for, and add any customizations to make it feel yesterdays but perform like todays modern bikes.  View our gallery for a closer look at the customizations and modifications we offer.

Photo above: The combination f the KZ1000 and Reg Pridmore won the 1978 AMA championship and marked the very first championship win for a Japanese manufacturer in the AMA Superbike series. The first series of Racecrafters bikes were built by the late Pierre DesRoaches with tail mounted oil coolers.

Yoshimura Suzuki

Replicating the Yoshimura championship winning Superbike of 1979 ridden by Wes Cooley.

Photo left:  Continued development from the year before, Yoshimura struggled with the new release from Suzuki through 1978. It all came together for them in 1979 however entering the history books as champions. Motorcycle magazines then wrote a short bio on “Pops” Yoshimura who called Los Angeles home. They titled the article “Four Into Ones Over LA” due to his past, leading Kamikaze pilots to their targets during WWII. Pops was also a Zero aircraft mechanic which was where a lot of his knowledge came from as they constantly tweaked the Zero’s engines for more power.

Kawasaki ZX-10R Exhaust

Moto Cancelli builds racing exhaust systems for just about anything.
This video and exhaust system were done in 2006 the same year of this Kawasaki Ninja 1000. the system was built to extract the most power from this bike without the use of a power commander and or dyno tuning time. In other words, designed for o.e. fuel mapping. This “slip-on” unit from the collector back made 2.5 ft. lbs. torque and 3 hp from 0 rpm to redline, quite impressive without a power commander and huge savings as well. The triple under-tail mufflers offer a sound like no other system out there while being neatly tucked away. Made from .028 wall 321 Stainless tubing, aluminum mounting and carbon cans has it weighing just 6 pounds installed. The muffler bracket also offers license plate retention for further savings. (goodbye fender eliminator kit!)