Hub Adapter Kit

The reason MotoCancelli products work so well is because we function like a race team. There are no gaps between engineer, driver and tuner so the correct part or product is designed right the first time.

We use only the very best materials and fasteners available. Or products are developed to the pinnacle degree of light weight, efficiency and integrity. For example, our big brake kits in most cases are lighter than the manufacturer’s o.e. brake components.

lightened flywheel

We are also an industry pioneer and coined the phrase “cross tuning” combining our extensive and successful research in motorcycle road racing and applying it to cars with huge benefits. This is quite evident in some of our products ranging from induction kits to tail pipes and everything in between.

From your inspiration to completion, not only can we design your product but we can manufacture it as well, including anodizing, heat treating, and plating if required. Small or large production runs welcome. Please read our purchase policy.


Big Brake Kit