TR250 Custom Piston Sets

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PTR250 Custom Piston Sets

The latest in piston technology has our pistons the choice of engine builders around the world. Pistons developed by P.R.I. and manufactured by the world’s best piston company, JE. These forgings are ultra-light and durable, 1/3 lighter than the stock units and capable of running alcohol or turbo chargers.

Unlike most forged pistons, the clearance for fitment is more precise, so there is no piston rattle prior to warm up. Low friction rings and super light wrist pins round out the package.  Available in all sizes. For the ultimate performance custom dome configuration is also available through PRI.

Custom forged pistons for high compression and race use.

Custom Pistons (includes piston rings and rod pins) – 6 cyl. set = $1,199


Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery