TR250 Stage One Cylinder Head Kit

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TR250 Stage One Cylinder Head Kit

Forged aluminum retainers, dual spring set, Chrome Moly valve spring bases and special bronze valve guides with Viton seals. Works with OE valves or upgrade to our custom valves.

Our Stage one head kit is what your engine need to bring it current.  This kit will reduce oil consumption and keep carbon build up to an absolute minimum.  Without guide seals the oil is pulled down the guide during deceleration and burned with the incoming fuel charge.  The results are carbon build up on the back side of the valves and piston rings, contamination of the fresh fuel charge and excessive oil consumption.  This will reduce performance considerably while increasing air pollution.  PRI aluminum valve spring retainers are lighter than Titanium counter parts and just as tough.  Resent on track testing showed absolutely no stress after a complete season of racing using 9000 rpm as a shift point, 6500 rpm recommended for stage 1 engines.  What’s more, a memory aided tachometer showed 11,000 rpm with occasional miss shifts.  The kits dual spring set is an excellent all around choice for all but the most radical cam profiles.  They rate at 70 lb. seat pressure and 220 lb. at 0.550 lift.  They are easy on related valve train components and will provide many years of service.  Racing is real world testing at its best.  It is how most of our products are developed.  Only after they succeed on the track are they brought to you via our website.  We are dedicated to bringing you the best parts for your Triumph.

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