TR4 Extreme Performance Cylinder Head Kit

valvesJust one of the reasons we excel in Triumph performance over all other companies. Once a hard kept secret in his racing arsenal is now in kit form for your Triumph. Send in your head for installation or order the kit by itself. Either way this is definitely the edge you’ve been looking for. Obtain a higher rev ceiling with no valve float and increased power throughout the entire rpm range. This hi-tech, very trick setup will rocket you to the front of your class. The smaller valve stem diameter reduces weight for higher rpms, and mass inside the port for optimum flow with less obstruction. The larger valve head diameters increase flow as well when ported to match. The combination is deadly to the competition whether it’s street or track. If they don’t have this kit they’re not going to win, it’s that simple!

A 10 hp increase “without” match porting when installed in a 6 cylinder Triumph engine. Take your cylinder head to the next level whether it’s stock or heavily worked!

We install this kit in all our Stage 2 and 3 motor builds.

This custom kit is the most advanced in valve train components as it is consistently updated. This kits custom valve guides offer the best material known for this application are machined for the valves and to accept valve seals which come in the kit. Our valve sprigs are of high silicone wire content and polished. Consistent 9,000 rpm running is what these springs were made to do. MotoCancelli’s lighter valves do not require high spring rates like other packages offered so it’s much easier on the entire valve train right down to the cam and lifters. The valve springs are held in place with more innovative technology from MotoCancelli. Using aluminum instead of Titanium for the retainer material reduced 3 grams of weight. Aluminum is not new for this application in fact, some performance parts manufacturing companies switched to Titanium for the material as the aluminum proved to be too soft for sustained high rpm running. We ran Titanium for years and recently through new technologies found the answer in aluminum “forging.” It has proved to be the best of both worlds, lighter than Titanium and just as strong in this application. The aluminum forging we use has a tensile strength higher then that of Chrome Moly steel. We then, “hard anodized”, giving them a surface hardening of 80 HRC. In other words, they are in for the long haul!

The kit requires no shimming. All parts are made to correct specifications for our spring installed height.

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CHK-1015-4   4 Cylinder – $1,194.00