TR6 Keihin Carburetor Kits

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TR6 Keihin Carburetor Kit

The Triumph world is first to benefit from this lethal cross-tuning creation of MotoCancelli.

You are looking at one carb per cylinder, our “Six Pack” if you will.

Since their conception these cars needed help in this area in a big way, and now the ultimate option exists for them. The most potent and reliable carburetors on the planet.
Derived from the motorcycle road racing industry these carburetors have it all. Awesome looks, silky smooth drive-ability, and full throttle power unmatched by no other naturally aspirated system on earth. Yes, you read that correctly.

Defying critics, and even the engineers at Mikuni and Keihin, MotoCancelli developed the combination that worked perfectly throughout the Spitfire’s entire rpm spectrum. The Keihins are half the weight of Weber DCOE’s, tune easier and with greater precision, make more power, and get better gas mileage. What could possibly be better?

Engineered for optimum performance and safety MotoCancelli kits are fully accessorized right down to the last zip tie so you are never left shopping for additional hardware. MotoCancelli’s keihin kits come pre-assembled and pre-jetted so you aren’t left guessing or buying additional jets. In fact we will even exchange one set of main jets at no charge if your motor or altitude requires a different setting. What’s more, MotoCancelli gives unlimited tech support on installation, tuning and care for your kit. We would be nuts offering this if our product wasn’t so easy to tune and stone reliable. They will never go out of tune, or need overhauling. If you want even more power try them with our extreme performance header/exhaust system. Specifically for the use with our Keihin induction kits it is the wildest, most complex  header design ever to be put into production.  This system was also designed and engineered by MotoCancelli for the widest possible torque curve. See “exhaust systems” for  more details. Keihin induction kits are available for all Triumphs.

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CR-035-BB: TR6 – SIX PACK – Big bore set = $3,025.00

CR-031: TR6 – SIX PACK – Stock Engine = $2,915.00