Spitfire Hub and Adapter Kit

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Hub and Adapter Kit

Have you ever imagined what your Triumph Spitfire would look and or handle like if you were able to install the latest in wheel and tire technology?

Just the tires alone would be a huge gain in performance and safety! Well, that time has come! You can now choose from tires sizes in either 195/50/15 or 205/40/16.

MotoCancelli makes that all possible with specially built hubs and adapters. Machined from billet 7075-T6 (an aero space quality aluminum) our hubs are not only lighter than the stock units by 2.5 lb. each but are stronger than the o.e. cast steel hubs as well. However the real benefit of these very unique parts is they allow you install two very popular wheels sizes on to your Spitfire 15X6 and 16X7.

A $900.00 value when purchased for the Triumph GT6, and $1,200.00 for the Triumph Spitfire, due to the heavy duty spindles supplied for this set. Yes, we have up-graded the Triumph Spitfire spindles to Triumph GT6 spec’s for added strength, they also share the larger Spitfire bearings. This hub and adapter set is ideal for engine conversions such as V6 or rotary installations, adding strength where needed. We have also enlarged the wheel stud size over the standard units so you can really put the car to test with your new rubber!

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HK-445: Hub & Adapter Kit Triumph Spitfire = $1,200.00