About The Video:
Customer Steve Gold owner of this 1980 Spitfire 1500 we built in the video. The car is a full Stage 3 build. You are watching go from 0-60mph in 6.0 seconds! The tires that are being spun up on this car are size 205/40/16 Yokohama Parada spec II.

Triumphfest 2004 Lake Tahoe, California.
Concorse award: First in class
Autocross award: First in class
Autocross award: Quickest time of event

MotoCancelli builds racing exhaust systems for just about anything.
This video and exhaust system were done in 2006 the same year of this Kawasaki Ninja 1000. the system was built to extract the most power from this bike without the use of a power commander and or dyno tuning time. In other words, designed for o.e. fuel mapping. This “slip-on” unit from the collector back made 2.5 ft. lbs. torque and 3 hp from 0 rpm to redline, quite impressive without a power commander and huge savings as well. The triple under-tail mufflers offer a sound like no other system out there while being neatly tucked away. Made from .028 wall 321 Stainless tubing, aluminum mounting and carbon cans has it weighing just 6 pounds installed. The muffler bracket also offers license plate retention for further savings. (goodbye fender eliminator kit!)